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Are you serious about web3? Full-day workshops with limited number of seats are available now. Each of these workshops takes place during Monday, May 23rd. Choose the best one for you and get ready to grab your ticket!


Our friends at Encode Club are organising web3 hackathon right after the conference! Apply now for the limited number of spots!

Our speakers

More than 30 blockchain experts, ranging from developers to business leaders, will be presenting on BlockSplit 3

Julien Bouteloup

Founder, Stake DAO

Bruno Škvorc

Founder, RMRK

Alexis Masseron

Co-Founder and CEO, Atlendis

Mislav Javor

CEO, Ampnet

Denis Devčić

Product Marketing Manager, Idle Finance

Graham Nelson

Product Manager: DeFi, Sygnum bank

Vlaho Hrdalo

Owner at Hrdalo Law Firm and Chairman at UBIK.hr

Edi Sinovčić

CEO, Shard Labs

Marcin Kazmierczak

Head of Growth, RedStone

Valentin Mihov

Software Engineer & Yield Farmer, Tesseract Finance

Zied Brini

EMEA Delivery Director, ConsenSys

Sandi Fatić

 Builder at Calimero Network

Robin Spottiswoode

Co-Founder at Nifty Music

Kaan Uzdogan

Software Developer, Ethereum Foundation

Daniel Tal

Steward at ICHI

Cyrille Pastour

Co-founder, Swaap.finance

Schwarze Katze

Founder and Core DAO Contributor, Multiverse

Jure Bogunović

Core Dev at Polywrap

Dudley Needham

Developer relations lead at KILT Protocol

Mark Ery

Contract Manager, NEAR foundation

Gaspard Peduzzi

 CEO at APWine

Nemanja Cerovac

Co-founder at Tesseract Finance & Admin at LobsterDAO

Zana Islami

Legal Assistant, NEAR foundation

Josip Vlah

NFT / Metaverse Lead at RZLT

Anita Erker

CMO at Rezolut (RZLT)

Josef Jelacic

CEO at PWN.finance

Federico Kunze Küllmer

Co-Founder, Evmos

Zaki Manian

Co-Founder, Sommelier

Marcelo Fornet

Senior Software Engineer at Aurora Labs

Nathan Cho

Legal Counsel at NEAR Foundation

Georgios Gontikas

Product Manager at Chainsafe

Dejan Radić

CTO at DexStar

Mayank Jain

Founder at MindSpec

Matjaž Sobočan

CEO at Authtrail


Vision Beacon at MetaGame

Antoine Chaveron

Co-founder, UniCrypt Network

Franziska Heintel

Ecosystem & PM at Solidity Team, Ethereum Foundation

Marja Mia Kolendic

Architect / Managing partner at Salon33

Ante Krišto

Co-Founder & CEO, The Football Company

Marko Prljić

Product and UX Design Lead at Giveth

Sonja Prstec

Legal counsel at NEAR Foundation

Matija Pevec

Lead Frontend Developer at Ampnet

Filip Dujmušić

COO, Ampnet

Alex Suvorov

Full-stack developer at RedStone

Asia Ziola

Full-stack developer at RedStone

Olaf Tomalka

Senior Web3 Engineer at Metamask

Cindy Lam

Contract Manager at NEAR Foundation

Mya Shofany

Regulatory Specialist at NEAR Foundation

Damir Vukoja

People Operations Manager at NEAR Foundation

Fauve Altman

Founder of Fauve Ventures

Adam Gagol

Co-founder, Aleph Zero Foundation

Ulysse Ramage

Co-Founder, APWine

Nikola Vuković

Frontend/UX Lead at DeFi Saver

Miloš Živković

Blockchain Protocol Engineer at Trapesys

Luka Sučić

Partner at Meta Change Capital

Tomislav Mamić

Co-Founder, BlockSplit Conference

Torsten Stüber

CTO, Pendulum

Shymal Patel

Head of Product and Business Development at Sommelier Finance

Hassan Malik

Senior Engineer at Metamask

Stay tuned for more!

We'll be releasing our speakers names on a regular basis


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